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700W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

We are a manufacturer of 700W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. Also, we are a manufacturer of Laser Cutting Products and CNC Automation Solutions. We are a leading Manufacturer of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and Pipe Cutting Machine from Ahmedabad, India. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine equipped with Raycus Fiber 500 W laser source, which has international advanced laser technology.Our high power 700W Laser Cutting Machine is well known for low power consumption, minimum maintenance, better precision and high speed.Apart from this, it is difficult and for a long time simple operation and noise and vibration free.700W Laser Cutting Machine is a combination of cheap precision, speed, and stability of concrete performance for years.It can be availed of at the leading market rate after thorough investigation by our technicians to ensure compliance. 700W Laser Cutting Machine is special designed for cutting copper and brass. This kind of copper cutting machine adopts 700W Korea Original N-Light fiber laser source, and the copper cutting machine has very strong laser energy which can process brass and copper. 700W Laser Cutting Machine is a newly super technology, mainly used to cut thin metal brass and copper. This cnc laser cutters can be also called copper cutting machine or brass cutting machine.

Brand : Sigma Mechotronics Pvt. Ltd.
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Travelling Range 3000mm*1500mm, 4000mm*2000mm, 6000mm*2000mm
Output Power Option 1000W / 2200W / 3000W / 5000W
Dimension 9200*3050*1900mm to 11200*3660*1900mm
Weight 12.5T, 14.5T, 16T
Model HYPE-CUT3015, HYPE-CUT4020, HYPE-CUT6020
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set
700W IPG Fiber Laser Cutting Machine  
Laser power 700W
Laser source IPG fiber laser generator
Laser generator working mode Continuous/Modulation
Beam mode Multimode
Processing surface(L × W) 3000mm x 1500mm
X axle stroke  3050mm
Y axle stroke 1550mm
Z axle stroke 100mm/120mm
CNC system America Delta Tau Systems Inc PMAC full-closed loop servo controller
Power supply AC380V±5% 50/60Hz (3 phase)
Total Power consumption 11KW
Position accuracyX, Y and Z axle ±0.03mm
Repeatposition accuracyX, Y and Z axle +0.02mm
Maximum position speed of X and Y axle 70m/min
Auxiliary gas system Dual-pressure gas route of 3 kinds of gas sources
Format supported AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST, etc.
Floor space 5.6m x 3.2m

Advantage of 700W Laser Cutting Machine

1. 700W Laser Cutting Machine is for metal precision cutting driven by fiber laser technology. Quality fiber laser beam resulted in high quality reduction in speed compared to cutting speed and other reduction solutions.

2. The main advantage of 700W Laser Cutting Machine is its low beam wavelength (1,064 nm). Wavelength, which is ten times less than the C02 laser, produces high absorption in metals. This fiber laser makes an ideal tool for cutting metal sheets of stainless steel, carbon steel, light steel, aluminum, brass etc.

3. The capacity of 700W Laser Cutting Machine is more than conventional YAG or CO2 laser. 700W Laser Cutting Machine is capable of cutting variable metals with less energy as the metal is being cut in the laser and the unit does not have any energy if it is not active.

4. Another advantage of 700W Laser Cutting Machine is the use of highly reliable single emitter diodes with an estimated lifetime of more than 100,000 hours of continuous reliable or pulsed operation.

700W Laser Cutting Machine Applicable Materials

5. Cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel, silicon steel, spring steel, titanium sheet, galvanized sheet, iron sheet, inox sheet, aluminum, copper, brass and other metal sheet, metal plate, metal pipe and tube, etc.

700W Laser Cutting Machine Applicable Industries

Machinery parts, electrics, sheet metal fabrication, electrical cabinet, kitchenware, elevator panel, hardware tools, metal enclosure, advertising sign letters, lighting lamps, metal crafts, decoration, jewelry, medical instruments, automotive parts and other metal cutting fields.

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